Worldwide Brand Recognition and Trademark Safety

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Having your own brand, company, or service solution is no small thing. It means that you’ve put the time, effort, sweat, trial & error into something that you can call yours at the end of the day. Even better if others can recognize the brand that’s yours. That would be one of the long-term goals, wouldn’t it? However, expansion, especially global one, comes with a lot of pitfalls. Global trademark registration is a way – and a highly recommended one – to make sure that your brand is only yours. Trademark registration agencies are working around the clock to ensure your brand safety, so counterfeiters will have no chance when the hammer of justice bashes them.

Counterfeit, Aftermarket, Third-Party, Non-Supplier? Throw The Book At Them!

While people tend to close their eyes when it comes to certain brands, and their counterfeit copies, you do not have to. If you’ve something super hard (such as your own shoe company) why would you let somebody copy it in an inferior way, collect the revenue, while not providing any customer support, and damage your reputation? The latter one is pretty much everything, especially when you are moving into a new market. Global trademark registration ensures that whoever is trying such nefarious games will get the book thrown at them and the process would not stop at cease & desist. Trademark registration services provide legal counseling, registration, and enforcement. A holistic approach at its finest, isn’t it? Also, if you happen to have multiple brands under one Aegis, they can cover the whole bunch under the same umbrella. Global trademark companies offer trademark portfolio management services to help them keep track of their registrations and renewals. Also, they offer continuous support, so you will never be left alone. We’ve mentioned that entering a new market – especially a global, international one – is more than tricky and full of risks. One mistake, one bent on the brand image and it’s over. 

Why you should work with trademark registration agency?

Multiple Continents, Countless Markets, Global Expansion

Global trademark companies offer international trademark protection services to help clients navigate the complex landscape of global trademark laws and regulations. As mentioned before, it is nice to have your own brand, but people will try to copy it and scam others chasing the easy money.  Of course, you can spend day and night looking around the market if you could find a logo or brand name similar to yours – and then finding out how to deal with them, especially if you have no knowledge about the local regulations and trade law – but why would you? A trademark registration agency can conduct a comprehensive trademark search for you in order to ensure that your brand name or logo is unique. In the early stages of launching your business, it is an absolutely crucial step as well, because this can help you avoid potential conflicts with other trademarks and protect your brand from infringement claims. So, while you might skip trademark registration services we would highly advise against it. Grow your business safely!

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