May 3 Constitution Day – a holiday and a great opportunity for a longer weekend

On May Day some 250 years ago, Poland promulgated its first-ever constitution. The Communist-promoted Labor Day is also celebrated in May, hence the celebration of these two traditions gives a good excuse for the so-called May Day holiday. From this text you will learn more about it, as well as 3 May Constitution Day!

3 May Constitution Day – a holiday for all Poles

On May 3, 1791, the Polish parliament enacted the so-called Government Act, which would become the world’s second (after the American) modern constitution. A happy nation celebrated the adoption of its new constitution. But at the time, it is unlikely that anyone suspected that more than 100 years later another May Day holiday of a completely different nature would take on such significance, contributing in the creation of May Day, an extended May Day holiday. International Workers’ Day (for it is referred to), also known as Labor Day which is celebrated on May 1, was introduced as a public holiday in socialism. Thanks to the fact that both it and May 3 Constutituon Day are now national vacations, it is possible to extend one’s vacation time as much as possible, which certainly encourages Poles to do some sophisticated mathematical calculations.

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Poles like their extended May holiday, known as May Day. They are no longer required to take part in formal protests; instead, they show their enjoyment of extended vacations by leaving the city or hosting a three-day BBQ in their backyards. If you want to learn more about 3 May Constitution Day, Poland, Poles, or Central Europe then be sure to check out the 3SeasEurope website! You will find there a lot of interesting information that will surely interest you, feel free to read!